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  • Estimated Tuition
  • Duration
    2 Years

Program Overview

Master of Arts in International Development

Create the change you want to see in the world with an online Master of Arts in International Development from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Designed for professionals who have a passion to engage communities, promote social welfare, and craft global solutions to the world's most complex problems, you'll graduate ready to create sustainable development and bring lasting hope to those in need.

The curriculum maintains an international focus as you dig into different belief systems, politics, development trends, financing and marketing, ethical issues, and more. You'll explore innovative solutions that will prepare you for a variety of human and social conditions you'll face when working across international borders and with multiple cultures.

Program Highlights

Taught by experienced, real-world practitioners whose lengthy careers involve social development, microfinance, global education, and more. Upon graduation, you'll be able to:

  • Address and articulate problems in the international environment
  • Create sustainable solutions pertaining to international problems or social challenges
  • Use ethics, cultural inclusivity, and sustainability in your problem-solving approach
  • Engage resources, stakeholders, and organizations to break down barriers and achieve sustainable growth
  • Use intercultural context to lead, communicate, and think critically and entrepreneurially
  • Analyze and utilize the flow of information from evolving media
  • Navigate international policy and cultural differences to solve global problems
  • Find donors, manage resources, and finance humanitarian work
  • Manage international projects, navigate foreign aid regulations, and work with foreign governments and social service providers

Career Impact

Few careers give people the opportunity to travel the world, advocate for causes they believe in, and experience how their efforts result in lasting, positive social change. Your degree equips you to become a leader in the international development sector and is often a prerequisite for career advancement in careers like these below:

  • Country Director
    median yearly salary $99,9921
  • Fundraising Manager
    median yearly salary $114,8002
  • Social and Community Managers
    median yearly salary $65,3203
  • International Development Consultant
    median yearly salary $76,1354
  • International Project Manager,
    median yearly salary $125,1675
  • Senior Policy Adviser
    median yearly salary $101,3636

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Course Information

This experiential program prepares its students with knowledge and practical skills to work with, through, and alongside domestic and international organizations to apply innovative solutions to improving human and social conditions.

For more information and course descriptions, check out our course catalog.

Applicants must submit:

  1. An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. A minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale. If your overall GPA is below 2.75, you may receive conditional status in the program at the discretion of the Master of Arts in International Development program director.
  3. $25 non-refundable application fee: Note that Saint Mary's alumni, students seeking readmission, veterans, and active military personnel are exempt from this application fee.
  4. Official transcripts: An official transcript issued to Saint Mary's University of Minnesota from the institution posting the applicant's completed bachelor degree and other relevant transcripts documenting program prerequisites and potential transfer credits.
  5. A written statement: A career in international development is often the result of a personal commitment to making a lasting positive impact on the world. The written statement should include your own path to helping others, any related background experience or education, personal strengths, and future career ambitions that may help us evaluate your application.
  6. Two letters of reference or recommendation: Letters should speak to your academic ability and professional or volunteer experience, and how it relates to your interest in international development.
  7. An up-to-date résumé: Include both your educational and professional experience.
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Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $640 Per Credit


Graduation fee:$190

The Saint Mary's Difference

The heart of Saint Mary's is its people — faculty, staff, and your fellow students — who become your companions and allies on your educational journey. Here, in an intense give-and-take setting, each of us discovers just how much we can learn. You'll find, in every one of our classrooms, a person-centered education focused on your growth, your potential — because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to make an impact, to change the world around them.

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